Welcome to SanoBe Superfoods!

SanoBe Peanut Butter Superfoods are just that……super nutritious and delicious, complete meals in a jar. Peanut butter is not just for kids anymore! Offering a “spoonful of wellness” in every bite, SanoBe Superfood peanut butters are among the healthiest and certainly the most delicious nut butters on the market!

Heathy foods can and should be delicious. SanoBe nut butters are so high in a variety of nutrients that you could literally live and thrive on them. Some of the amazing components include high protein in a balanced ratio which allows the included 19 (out of 20) amino acids (including all 9 essential amino acids) to convert efficiently into energy the body will use to fuel high function. In other words, these peanut butters are so nutritionally dense, every calorie in these products are utilized efficiently by the body. It’s a “Super” nutritious guilt-free “Food”! SanoBe nut butters also contain high concentrations of more than 30 trace minerals, balanced essential fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and multiple compounds which produce energy and a state of joy and contentment.

You will feel the difference quality ingredients provide to enhance your body and your life. We hope to meet you at one of our upcoming events or for a tasting in one of the great stores offering SanoBe Superfoods!

Invest in yourself…enjoy SanoBe Superfood peanut butters!

In abundant health,

Jennifer……“The Peanut Butter Lady”
Owner and maker of SanoBe Superfoods