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A few fun tips:

You will want to stir them once upon opening. They won’t separate after that. You CAN put them in the fridge, if you prefer it but, I don’t recommend it. At room temperature, it’s so spreadable and gives you a perfect bite every time!
There isn’t much sugar in the Jammin’ Java so, make sure you stir it up from the bottom. When you open the Java, you’ll see a mosaic of coffee beans floating at the top and, the aroma hits you and it’s so inviting.
I decided to sell the Jammin Java recipe – because of the second bite…. it’s addicting! : ) So, please, try it once and then try it again right after. I call it the “Frito effect”. You can’t have just one chip! ; ) With the second bite, the flavors seem to come together on your palate and it the coffee bean, the sugar and salt crystals just melt in your mouth around that peanut butter. My husband and I go through a jar a week!
They are meant to be left on the counter and have a stable shelf life of a year. That said………
These nut butters naturally make the world’s best fudge! Each one makes a silky, melt-in-your-mouth bite! One of my favorite things to do is to mix a little of the Java with a little of the Crunchy cacao (half and half). Then, dedicate an ice cube tray and fill some cups with the mixture and freeze it. So amazing! And the little frozen cubes are a great addition to smoothies! Of course, add a little marshmallow fluff, hot fudge, dried fruit, seeds, whatever add-ins you like, one of my favorites is ice cream (!)……vanilla, chocolate chip, coffee and of course homemade banana, are among my favorites! I swirl a little in the peanut butter and freeze it. YUM…. for the perfect bite of fudge, every time.

Enjoy the flavors and thanks again for your support!

In abundant health,
Jennifer (Jenn)