Recommendations for Optimal Health

Basics for everyone!


  • Your body is a powerful healer. Learn to nourish your cells so that they regenerate and not degenerate.
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently. We recommend at least 4 small meals daily. Our optimal recommendation is 6 meals per day. These meals are much smaller in portion than the average American meal, and should be well-balanced with high quality protein sources, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Eat complete (containing all the essential amino acids), lean protein with every meal.
  • Eat fruits and/or vegetables with every meal.
  • Emphasize fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and a variety of flesh foods (fish, chicken, turkey, pork, etc.). We recommend that vegetables and fruits, etc. comprise at least 50% percent of your diet. Remember to take small steps so that you don’t feel deprived as you move to a healthier lifestyle. Every small, disciplined effort will reap multiple rewards! Don’t expect perfection – there’s no such thing here on earth, except perhaps nature!
  • Eat whole grains, potatoes, and starches in moderation. Enjoy root vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes.
  • Consume BUTTER, never margarine (what is that stuff?), coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oils. These are best for cooking.
  • Eggs are great for you. Eat 1-4 eggs daily, unless you have familialHypercholesterolemia (family history of high cholesterol).
  • Consume natural, or old fashioned peanut butter only! Never consume hydrogenated or sugared peanut butter, or hydrogenated anything for that matter. Yuk! Can you feel your arteries clogging?
  • We recommend very little dairy. But, butter, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese and some aged cheeses are beneficial in moderation. If you consume milk, remember that whole milk (and creams) is the only milk that still contains the digestive enzyme required to break it down in your body. We recommend organic whole milk. Raw is best, where accessible. Goat’s products are better for you and are less * mucous forming.
  • * Dairy (milk in particular) is one of the most mucous forming foods you can consume, among a myriad of other detriments.This is not a good thing.Hydrate daily and often. Avoid feeling thirst as this is a sign of dehydration. The more active you are (the more you sweat, which is a great thing!) and the more protein (also an important thing) you eat will determine how much water you should be consuming. Listen to your body.Eat when hungry and NOT until you’re so full you could burst.
  • Experience the feeling of just being satisfied instead.
  • Try to avoid the four white devils: white sugar, white flour, milk and most dairy, and sodium chloride (table salt). Sea salts are not only preferred, but are essential and have healing properties. Sea salt also aids in maintaining a proper, healthy sodium balance in your body.
  • Your caloric intake should come from food, not fluids! Quality water and herbal teas should be consumed instead of well, most anything else with added sugars and chemicals. Drink coffee in moderation.
  • Avoid ALL fast foods, ALL junk foods, and ALL sodas! Just eliminating these foods will transform your life.
  • Drink at least 1 liter of water daily. Our optimal recommendation is to consume ½ of your body’s total weight in fluid ounces, up to a1 gallon per day, depending upon your activity level. We encourage you to supplement distilled and or deionized water occasionally.


  • Aim to achieve strength, balance and flexibility. Exercise for vitality, not vanity.
  • Make time for at least 5 hours of moderate activity weekly. 7-14 hours is ideal! We recommend 1 hour of exercise hour per day. Vary your routine to include those activities which make you smile and feel good and that you enjoy. Exercise should not feel like punishment!
  • Learn to embrace and appreciate the cold. The weather should not be a deterrent when it comes to exercise. It will help you appreciate the warmth.
  • Do something outside for at least ½ hour per day.


  • Laugh a lot – at yourself too! Most of us take ourselves too seriously.
  • Enjoy life! Focus on the aspects of your life that bring you joy, love and health.
  • Avoid the vast majority of TV and news.
  • Listen to great music.
  • Stress plays a key role in our lives. Let it motivate, not rule you! STRESS IS the silent killer. Learn to de-stress daily using a variety of techniques from yoga and meditation to a hobby like reading or a creative endeavor.
  • Relaxation is the greatest antidote to stress. Daily relaxation, meditation or prayer for 30 minutes lowers adrenalin production and insulin requirements by 50% for an entire 24 hours!
  • Sleep is sacred. Honor your time for sleep. Create a restful, peaceful environment for it. 8 hours makes for a good night’s sleep.
  • Avoid negative news, violent movies, too much television. Appreciate nature and the Divine!
  • Get outside for at least one hour per day. At least 10 minutes, no more than 20 minutes of (direct) sun exposure for vitamin D.
  • Take a hot soak with magnesium chloride salts frequently. Enjoy a sauna (near infrared are the best) or steam room (scrub with sea salts) when available.


  • Rediscover sex as a source of life-giving energy! Sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Honor its value in your life and with your partner.
  • Participate in sex at least 2-3 times weekly. Your body is built for pleasure. If you do not have a partner, learn to enjoy an imaginative fantasy life and masturbation!
  • Sex is a powerful healer and communication tool, when used with love and mutual respect. Sex gives us youthful, tight, hydrated skin, strengthens our immune system, burns calories (I can’t think of a better form of exercise!), improves heart health, acts as a natural pain killer, lowers our cancer risk, promotes a close bond, helps us sleep, eases depression, improves prostate and sperm health, improves wound healing, slows aging, boosts confidence, improves bladder control, cuts breast cancer risk, reduces headaches, lifts and enhances mood…. how many reasons do you need to participate in the most pleasurable of human experiences? These are just a few of the numerous healthy reasons to hop into bed — a reminder that making love is good for both body and soul.
  • Sex is fun! Learn to love and enjoy your body. If you don’t know how to enjoy yourself, how will your partner? Sex is not about shame and your body is not something to fear, dislike, or ignore. Sex is about passion and fun, release and healing. You can communicate with your body and release tension and negativity in the process, creating the closest of bonds with your partner. Enjoy yourself…and each other.


  • Most Americans are mineral deficient. Minerals are essential to health and vitality! We recommend minerals. Angstrom minerals are recommended in place of colloidal minerals. Adding Trace Minerals to your drinking water daily proves a more nutritious water, loaded with regenerating electrolytes.
  • We believe that vitamins should be consumed through the foods we eat. If you do take vitamins as supplements, be sure to buy them from a health food store as opposed to a drug store. There is a huge difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. Most drug stores sell synthetic vitamins. You get what you pay for, and you’re worth a few extra pennies!


  • We recommend you drink only non-calorie, non-artificial sweetener containing beverages. Water (containing electrolytes), green or other herbal teas, and coconut water are the best choices.
  • Consume at least 1 liter of water daily. We recommend you work up to ½ of your body’s weight in fluid oz. per day. For example, I weigh 120 pounds. Therefore, I drink a minimum of 60 oz. of clean water per day. Because I exercise regularly and eat large quantities of quality protein, I drink approximately a gallon of water a day. Take your water from sources other than your tap (anywhere, except Iceland), unless you have a reverse osmosis or a good filtration system. Water is full of pollutants, harmful metals and pharmaceutical drugs!

Remember: The key is “Balance”

  • Above all, stay happy, active and positive. Health is SO MUCH MORE than the mere absence of dis-ease. Abundant health happens when we balance our body, mind (comprising thoughts and emotions) and Spirit perfectly. We must do 7 things well: think well, eat well, move (exercise) well, breathe well, drink well, sleep well and feel well to live well! Be at peace with yourself and the world. You cannot afford the luxury of anger worry, depression, anxiety or fear. Your thoughts are powerful.
  • Many doctors are superb diagnosticians. If you are in pain, always start with modern medicine. It is always comforting to “rule out” certain conditions. In acute illness, modern medicine may save your life. However, if the suggested treatment does not work or, you evaluate the risks and are not willing to take them, “complementary, alternative, holistic, integrative, etc.” approaches are worth considering, absolutely.
  • Curing is passive and there is no exertion of your own will. Healing is active and we exercise our will to make choices which feel nurturing and correct for us. I recommend you take an active role and participate in your healing path.

In other words, don’t just survive. Thrive! I believe in prevention and the active and mindful creation of a healthy body, mind and spirit. The choice, as always, is yours.

I am here to help you achieve balance and “Live Well!”

Whatever your choice and wherever you path leads you, I wish you the very best of health, love, joy and vitality!

Live Well!
Jenn Beauregard