Jennifer Beauregard has been involved in the health and wellness field for 35 years. Prior to launching SanoBe Superfood products, Jennifer’s focus was whole body health and complete personal well-being which included nutrition education, neuromuscular therapy, counseling services, craniosacral therapy, yoga classes, reiki and mindfulness through meditation and the creation of personal wellness plans. When Jennifer began making her own food products, based on years of research and application on both a personal and professional level, SanoBe Superfoods was born.

Of the many quotes Jennifer chooses to guide her conscious choices which create a healthy and contented life, there are two with regard to nutrition she lives by: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. Therefore, “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD.” In her 50s, Jennifer enjoys an active lifestyle. She does not see doctors or take pills. She is confident that all that is required for well-being and joy is already available in abundance in nature.

SanoBe Superfoods develops recipes based on nutritional content, the human body’s ability to utilize ingredients efficiently to improve health and vitality. Her current recipes boast a shelf life of a full year, using nothing artificial and only the most “Super” nutritious, fresh and delicious whole and nutritionally efficient foods available today. SanoBe Peanut Butter Superfood does not require refrigeration, nor is it recommended. Emphasis has been placed on the development of a healthy product which is scrumptious, provides balanced nutrition and is a complete meal in a jar!

SanoBe Superfood products are currently sold locally at farmer’s markets, offered at local events and may currently be found in specialty stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.