Law #1:   BREATHE well to Live Well!
The human body can survive nearly 3 weeks (or more in rare cases) without food, 3 days without water, and only 3 minutes without breath before the body begins to literally die. Breath IS life force.  Yet we take this fact, and the experience of breathing, for granted. This law states that the process of breathing in and out is the single most important action we perform each day, in each second. Without proper breathing, it is impossible be healthy in any true sense of the word.  Our bodies are, fundamentally, filters. And breath mastery creates a perfectly functioning and healthy filtering human being. We exhale up to 70 % of all metabolic waste. One of my favorite yoga teachers said: “Control the breath, control the mind; control the mind, control the body.” Breath is power. Breath control equals mastery over the self. Consider that 98% of our bodily functions exist within the autonomic, also known as the ‘automatic’ nervous system. Miraculously, breath, our respiratory system, is the one and only function of the autonomic nervous system that IS within our control. In other words, when you master breath, you crate harmony throughout the entire body and being. When we are scared, we breathe, when we are angry, we breathe, when a woman gives birth, she breathes, when we cry we breathe, when we’re excited, we breathe. Conscious breath anchors us firmly in the present moment, where our point of power is found and exercised at its fullest potential.

Recommendation: Take a deep breath right now and feel the power of fully entering the moment, body mind and spirit with awareness. Breathe fully again and feel your entire body relaxing, reducing your stress level and note how good it feels to be at peace with yourself in this moment. You know, when we are fully in the moment, we have all the time in the world! Science has proven that taking 3 full breaths begins to change our body chemistry for the better. Try it for yourself. Breathe well. Live well.

Law #2: DRINK well to Live Well!.
This law states that we must pay close and conscious attention to being and remaining optimally hydrated.  This includes making sure you drink the proper amount of water and hydrating agents versus dehydrating agents.  Your body is designed to be juicy! And water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body, is essential to good circulation, beautiful skin, improved metabolism, increased energy, digestion and detoxification, to name a few benefits. What’s not to love about water? The taste? Please. Clean, filtered water has no taste. You are addicted to sugar. Generally, strive to drink approximately half of your body’s weight in fluid ounces of water per day. (i.e. – I weigh 120 pounds = 60 ounces of water. Additionally, I eat meat and sweat regularly, through consistent exercise. Therefore, I consume closer to 3 liters to a gallon of water per day.) The more active you are (the more you sweat) and the more animal proteins you consume (among the most difficult foods for the body to break down), the more water you need.

Recommendation: Drink water primarily, along with coconut water, herbal teas, some consciously made fermented drinks, etc., and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. These should be your only sources of hydration. ALL other commercially bought drinks contain heavy sugar and toxic amounts of synthetic ingredients, or are highly acidic. Most of our calories should come from food. Drink well. Live well.

Law #3:  EAT Well to Live Well!
You are what you eat. That said, each one of us has our own unique set of nutritional and biochemical requirements.  This law states that you must learn what foods are right for your body based on your physiology; what combination you should be eating those foods in (protein, carbohydrates, fats); and at what frequency you should be eating those foods. This will vary for each of us. We all know that “perimeter shopping” in the supermarket is the way to go. Most food on the shelves, boxed foods, frozen foods are full of toxins and have lost most of their nutritional benefits. Even the produce you buy in the market has traveled a long distance and over many days before you buy and consume it. Making a conscious

choice about food every day directly determines how long will live and at what level of health and enjoyment (or not) you will live that life. I choose abundant health. Don’t eat to survive. Eat to thrive!

Recommendation: Buy locally grown organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes when and wherever possible. Strive to make 60 – 80% of your meals consist of live, raw foods. Eat well. Live well.

Law #4: MOVE (Exercise) well to Live Well!
Our bodies are designed for movement.  This law states that proper movement is essential for maintaining healthy organ function and creating abundant health. We are designed to move, and to move with speed, strength, agility and endurance. Everything in the Universe is in constant motion, including you. There is not a second in any day wherein a part of your body is not in motion. To move is to regenerate. To stagnate is to degenerate. It IS that simple. Exercise not only facilitates muscle strength and flexibility. It also enhances organ function, longevity, and releases endorphins which make us happy – to name only a sampling of the amazing benefits of rejuvenating, revitalizing exercise. It will keep you youthful, joyful and free.

Recommendation: Find a few activities that you love and dedicate at least ½ hour 3 times per week for activities you truly enjoy. Exercise for vitality. Remember, you haven’t exercised well if you’re not panting and sweating by the time you’re done. Make the most of the time you dedicate to self-nurturing. Move well. Live well.

Law #5: THINK well to Live Well!
I’ve heard it said that thoughts are prayers. Whatever your system of belief, thoughts are indeed powerful and creative energy. This law states that the power of thought has the energy to manifest into the reality you experience. In other words, thoughts become things. Your thoughts can and do profoundly influence the quality of your physiology and of your overall well-being. And the more energy (emotion) fueling the thought, the more powerful the thing becomes. Master your thoughts and you really will master your body and your life.

Recommendation: Be mindful of the quality of thoughts you have. Observe where you go to feed/fuel your thoughts. And observe the source of your thoughts. Where do they come from? Only you can adjust your thoughts, and the feelings that fuel them. Are they positive or negative thoughts? Do your thoughts inspire you or drain you? Think of thoughts as clouds floating across the sky of your mind….in one side out the other. Which ones do you choose to hold onto and allow to define you or rule you? Take stock in the quality of your thoughts. Then, consciously decide to practice mindfulness, whether through meditation, conscious breath or daily practice to think more positively about yourself and therefore, others. For as within, so without. Everything you think and feel inside reflects in your outward relationships and circumstances. Everything. Think well. Live well.

Law #6: FEEL well to Live Well!
Adopting an attitude of gratitude is a profoundly healing act. And gratitude lives in the heart, not in the head. Emotions profoundly influence your physiology and health.  This law states that learning the art of Self Awareness through emotional expressivity and allowing that energy, your emotions to guide your thought processes is an excellent way to aid in the creation of abundant health. Learning to master our emotions is the process through which we attain true empowerment. Our emotions are our power. Just like everything in the Universe is energy before it manifests into matter, emotions are the energy before the matter of our experience. Emotions feed and fuel thought. Thought produces reality. If you do not master your emotions, your emotions will certainly control you by controlling your thoughts, and therefore your reality. Emotions ARE power. They fuel everything, including thoughts. (I repeat that point because it’s worth repeating.) Contrary to popular conception, emotions are not a sign of weakness but are signs of great power, when mastered and expressed consciously with intention, honor and grace.

Recommendation: When you have a thought, notice the feeling that coincides with it. Feelings live in your gut. Be mindful of the feeling that is fueling the thought. Whatever you are focusing upon either feels cold, tight and prickly in your belly – an indicator that the thought is not in harmony with your intention. Or the object of your attention makes you feel warm and fuzzy – an indicator that your thought IS in harmony with your true nature and intention. Self-awareness is everything. It’s why we’re here. Feel well. Live well.

Law #7: SLEEP well to live Well!
Sleep is essential for proper bio-mechanical (physical), bio-chemical (internal functions), psycho-social (mental) recovery.  This law states that to the degree that your sleep is compromised, your physical and mental health will be compromised to at least that degree or greater. A good deep, restful night’s sleep, not kicking our heels up and relaxing or meditating, is required for optimal physical, mental and emotional performance and function. There is so much healing and regeneration that occurs when we sleep. Think of sleep as rebooting your entire system. If computers are nothing else, they are in fact outward expressions of our own internal make-up and function. Even they need to be shut down from time to time.

Recommendation: Turn the lights down, take a break from all the electronics in your room, create an uncluttered, quiet and peaceful environment for a restful night’s sleep. Take a few conscious, full breaths and begin to feel yourself relax. Pull your attention back from anything outside of yourself that is not about sleeping. Always come back to deep, focused breathing and enjoy your sweet dreams. Sleep well. Live well.